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Via provide highways, fleet management and maintenance functions to the residents of Nottinghamshire in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council. This includes the maintenance of roads, footways, signs, lines, lighting and signals, salting and snow clearance, the delivery of highway improvement services and the management of activities needed to support the county’s highway network of over 4,100 kilometres of roads and its 93,000 streetlights.

Via carry out a range of highways and fleet management services on behalf of the Council. Local residents should continue to use the Council’s website and customer service centre on telephone 0300 500 80 80 with any queries or to report a problem.

Nottinghamshire County Council have retained some strategic highways functions. These include transport planning, civil parking enforcement, highways development control, flood risk management and elements of the rights of way service.

Key contacts for Nottinghamshire County Council retained highways functions are:

Highways Development Control

Flood Risk Management

Civil Parking Enforcement

Rights of Way

Transport Planning

For further information about Via email or call the customer service centre on telephone 0300 500 80 80.

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