45,000th LED street light installed by Via in Nottinghamshire

Last updated 23 Jul, 2018

Nottinghamshire got its 45,000th new LED light this week, marking the latest stage of the County Council’s street light replacement project to convert all old-style, low pressure sodium lights to new, efficient LEDs.

Mansfield residents, including Lonan Close, Forest Town, where the 45,000th LED light was fitted, are benefitting  from a full conversion of all 13,500 lights to new energy-saving LED street lights and up to 500 new columns across the town.

The £3.2m project in Mansfield started earlier this Spring and is due to be complete by April 2019.  Overall, the Council has invested £9.2m in  the street light upgrading/ replacement project.

This major work is being overseen by Via East Midlands on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s energy-saving project to replace half of the county’s 94,000 street lights is already saving tax payers around £1.5m each year in reduced energy bills – which is enough to power over 3,500 homes for a year or drive an electric vehicle more than 2,200 times around the world. 

Carbon emissions have been reduced by 12,000 tonnes. Overall savings since the beginning of the project total more than £5.4m.

Nottinghamshire County Council Communities and Place Committee Chairman, Councillor John Cottee said,

“The old-style orange lights in Mansfield were becoming inefficient and impossible to repair. LED lighting generates savings in terms of reduced energy bills, benefiting Nottinghamshire tax payers.

“The new LED’s require very little maintenance, are generally between 60-70 per cent more efficient and have a longer lifespan.

“Good-quality street lighting is vital to having an excellent, safe highways network, which is a priority for our administration.”                                                                                                                                                                    “In fact we have made additional £20m funding available to help improve our highways across the county.

“The additional investment is targeted mainly at residential areas with schemes to improve road surfaces and introduce new safety features where they are required; such pedestrian crossings and interactive speed signs on routes used every day by people to get to and from home.”

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