Via Staff Member to the Rescue in Edwinstowe

Last updated 05 Jul, 2018

A member of Via’s highways maintenance staff came to the rescue of an elderly resident in Edwinstowe this week.

Highways Maintenance Officer, Jonathan Boswell, was out to repair a pothole on Boy Lane in the village when he noticed a group of people gathered by the roadside. It was clear there had been an incident and he approached to ask if there was anything to do to help.

“As I got closer, I could see that an elderly lady had fallen from her mobility scooter which had toppled over,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan took control of the situation and quickly established the extent of the resident’s injuries and the fact that an ambulance was required: “I could see that she had a head injury and other cuts and injuries, so it was important that we got an ambulance on the way.

“We have a first aid kit on the van, so I was able to get bandages to stem the bleeding before the ambulance arrived.

“I made sure one the residents was stationed on the main road to direct the ambulance and kept talking to the resident until the ambulance arrive.”

As a keen judoka and a coach for over two decades, Jonathan’s first aid training kicked in naturally. Before working in highways in Nottinghamshire, he was a lifeguard and also delivered life saving-courses, so taking charge of the situation was second nature.

Now in his role as Highways Maintenance Assistant, Jonathan’s job is to keep the highways safe, including repairing potholes on the roads of the County. It has been a busy few months for him and his colleagues, repairing over 35,000 defects following the effects of winter weather.

Even after the ambulance arrived, Jonathan’s work was not over: “I made sure that we contacted a relative on her behalf and she also had a small dog, so we made sure that it was safe and cared for, and that her mobility scooter was being looked after before we continued on our way to make more repairs.” ​ Edwinstowe resident Keith Cox, who informed us of Jonathan’s actions said: “Jonathan handled the situation in such a measured way. He came to her aid, administered first aid, calmed her down and got an ambulance when she was in some distress.”

We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Jonathan for his actions.

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