Winter maintenance

Via can provide snow clearance and gritting services for private and public sector organisations, with planned preventative or a reactive emergency service tailored to your requirements across the East Midlands.

With depots across Nottinghamshire, our winter maintenance options ensure that we can meet your requirements, whether an ongoing winter-long service or one-off gritting and clearance.

Our expert winter maintenance teams deliver services for Nottinghamshire County Council ensuring Nottingham’s major roads and bus routes stay operational throughout the winter. 

Winter service is an important part of the service we deliver on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council. This involves salting major roads when there is a risk of ice, clearing snow and reacting to floods and fallen trees. We will, within the available resources, provide as safe a passage as possible for users of the highway.

You can  view a map of the salting routes on the Council's web page. You can enter a postcode or street name to view which roads are salted in your area.

Salt is used to lower the freezing point of water in frosty conditions thereby reducing the formation of ice and reducing the possibility of skidding or more serious road accidents. Stored in salt barns around Nottinghamshire, it can be deployed quickly by Via when weather forecasts indicate a freeze ahead. You can view current travel conditions in Nottinghamshire on the BBC website.

For more useful information please see the Winter driving advice. 


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