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Our Safer Highways team provide a range of professional services to external organisations, allowing them to plan, design and implement highway and casualty reduction schemes with the support of our qualified experts.

Road Safety Audit

Road Safety Audits are normally required where a change in the physical layout of the highway network is proposed that could change road user behaviour.

They identify how collisions might occur because of these changes, and make recommendations to reduce harm to the travelling public. Additionally, local Planning and Highway Authorities (including Nottinghamshire County Council) often require the submission of a Road Safety Audit as part of the acceptance or adoption of a new or revised public highway.

We have a skilled team of highly experienced accident investigators carrying out approximately 150 Road Safety Audits each year. The auditors each personally hold a Highways England approved Certificate of Competence to meet the UK national standard HD19/15. We are qualified to carry out the following:

  • Stage 1 Road Safety Audit - Completion of Preliminary Design
  • Stage 2 Road Safety Audit – Completion of Detailed Design
  • Stage 3 Road Safety Audit – Completion of Construction
  • Stage 4 Road Safety Audit – Post-completion Collision Monitoring at 12 and 36 months

We conduct Road Safety Audits independently from design and construction work. However, within Nottinghamshire we have excellent working relationships with specialist providers such as traffic signals design and highway planning.

Together with our broad experience within local highways, this allow us to make the most suitable recommendations which should help to achieve a positive result for the overall scheme.

Crash Site Investigation

Our Road Safety Auditors have wide experience of crash site investigation and we work closely with Nottinghamshire Police in this respect. We undertake around 200 site investigations each year which result in recommendations for over 50 remedial schemes annually. Where remedial schemes have been installed because of such study, we have measured reductions in accident frequency of over 60% on average.

We have resources to undertake both initial and detailed accident investigations including the study and interpretation of police reports, and the study of collision sites on the ground. We aim to devise specific and  appropriate remedial schemes at any given location, with cost/benefit analysis being a fundamental part of this process.

Road Injury Accident Data

We maintain the Department for Transport STATS19 database of reported injury accidents within the area covered by Nottinghamshire Police and can supply the most up-to-date, accurate and detailed information in the form of various report styles and plans. We are also able to provide further analysis, study and commentary regarding the data.

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