Section 278 works

Via are Nottinghamshire’s leaders in highways construction and with years of experience working as the Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Department, is uniquely placed to design and build Section 278 works on behalf of developers.

Via have an in-house team of designers and engineers, supported by accredited safety auditors and planning experts, so you can rest assured your works will be designed and constructed to the high standard required for adoption by local authorities.

We have vast experience of working directly with local authority planning departments and we can undertake all projects from surfacing works, signage installation & landscaping, both to the highway and internal road networks within the development itself.

Via currently provide services to a number of large developers, as well as smaller projects and deliver everything required to undertake S278 works through to final reinstatement and hand over.

Our services include:

  • Section 278 works / S278 schemes
  • New and remodelled highway construction
  • Junction modifications
  • Cycleway / footpath construction
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Pedestrianisation
  • Landscaping
  • Lighting, signage and street furniture installation

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