Dropped kerbs

If you intend to drive a vehicle over the footway into your driveway then you will need a dropped kerb.

Driving over the footpath without a dropped kerb is breaking the law and you may be liable for any damage caused.

If you are creating a new vehicle access or off-road parking space you may need to apply for planning permission depending on the location and category of road.

Via are an accredited contractor and our inspection team will make sure the work is compliant to highway standards, all at a competitive price.

The kerbs will be replaced with lower units and a splay kerb to each side of the crossing for new construction. Where an existing crossing exists this will be extended where appropriate. The crossing will be excavated and rebuilt to protect all utility services that are below the surface from any damage and sufficient design to support private light goods or similar vehicles.

You can apply for a dropped kerb via the Nottinghamshire County Council website.

If you have completed your application and would like a competitive quote please get in touch.

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